If you would like to get married at St Dionis, Parsons Green we would love to do all we can to ensure your wedding day is filled with joy and that your marriage begins on the firmest foundations.  


We will also help you to be ready for your marriage as you prepare to make your solemn promises to each other, in front of your family and friends and in the sight of God and with His blessing. Our clergy are on hand to offer advice and practical help as well as recommend some excellent marriage preparation resources.

Who can be married at St Dionis?

You can get married at St Dionis, Parsons Green in one of three ways.  

- If one or both of you live in the parish
- or are habitual worshippers at the church for at least six months
- or have a strong link with the parish through family or work.  


If either of you has a previous marriage partner still living then the clergy will want to discuss sensitively with you the circumstances around the divorce. This does not necessarily preclude a marriage taking place under the same qualifying conditions as above.  

Other Faiths, or none

If either of you belongs to another faith, which is not specifically Christian, then it may still be possible for you to get married at St Dionis, Parsons Green but you will be required to have the authorised Christian order of service.

Next steps

If you would like to know more about booking a wedding at St Dionis, Parsons Green, please call our Administrative Operator on 020 7731 1900 or email

Click below to download the St Dionis Wedding Pack and our 'Your Wedding at St Dionis in short' document.

Also, see an example Order of Service sheet for a Wedding here.

Refreshments and Receptions

St Dionis Church and CAS Halls (Next Door to St Dionis Church) can host refreshments and receptions after wedding services for up to 250 guests. We have halls of varying size and a private garden available for hire depending on your requirements.

Click on the button below to find out more about the packages we have available

Getting married at a different church and need your banns published at St Dionis?

First, please check that you or your partner are indeed living in the St Dionis Parish: Check here.

Then contact our Administrative Operator, Judith on for a Banns form.

The publication of banns of marriage fee is £36 and the certificate of banns issued at time of publication (required if you are not getting married at St Dionis Church) is £18. You will be sent an invoice once the dates for your banns publication have been set.

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