Why is this project being undertaken?

The Living Space project is being undertaken to meet the needs of church members and local community for a space that is welcoming, accessible, and flexible to allow for a wide range of uses.

The challenge with the building today is that many local residents and visitors think the church is closed or empty due in part to the entrance being difficult to find and aren't aware of the role the church plays in acting as a meeting place for the community.

The members want the fabric of the building to reflect that the church is not only open to everyone, but that it is a space to use and enjoy with other people. The projects purpose it to create that space.

Who currently uses the church building and for what activities?

St Dionis is a thriving church in the heart of Parsons Green with a diverse and growing membership and long standing connects to the local community. As well as three Sunday services and regular church meetings the building is used widely by different community groups including a Mum's and toddler group, the local schools for assembly and services, teas for local seniors and PGT Reels for Scottish dancing lessons.

What changes are planned to the building?

The most visible changes will be a new boundary that will be safe and attractive (Phase 1), a new glazed entrance facing the Green which will make it much easier to see what is going on inside (Phase 2), and finally better internal facilitates (kitchen, toilets, meeting spaces) so church can host more community groups and events (Phase 3). More details are available on the relevant pages of the Living Space website.

Who is responsible for the project?

The Vicar of St Dionis, Tim Stilwell (Revd), is responsible for the Living Space project. Tim is being supported by a committee made up members of the church's governing board, the PCC, and members of the congregation.

When will the work begin?

The process of awarding the project to a contractor for Phase 1 is in progress. As soon as this procedure is complete a date will be confirmed and the website updated.

When will the work begin on Phase 2 & 3?

The timescale for these phases is currently under review. The dates will be dependent largely on the speed with which the fundraising targets are reached.

What impact is Phase 1 of the project going to have on the immediate area?

Phase 1 of the works will be to re-build the boundary wall and it is expected to take no longer than 18 weeks. During that time the principle impact will be the part closure of the footpath on St Dionis and Parsons Green around the existing wall. Any increase in noise will be limited to daytime working hours only and is not expected to last for the duration of the works.

What impact is the project going to have on the Sunday services and other weekday bookings in the church?

We will publish a timetable for when the church will not be usable during the week or on a Sunday. We will make sure we give six months' notice for any disruption. We will provide alternative meeting spaces for our Sunday services during this period, and will do the same where possible for our weekday bookings.

How much money do you need to raise?

RD to fill in this – what's been raised already and what needs to be done.

How can I get involved in fundraising?

There are many ways in which you can get involved. Please email livingspace@stdionis.org.uk or speak with any member of St Dionis staff.