Tim and Jo

Tim's our vicar. He's married to Jo and they have three children. Jo works for a local charity, Resurgo, as a progression coach. Tim supports Fulham FC, so he needs your prayers! You can reach Tim on
tim@stdionis.org.uk and Jo on jo@stdionis.org.uk


Pat is our Associate Vicar, having been a curate for four years at HTB. He loves sport (playing/watching/talking) and is passionate about all that God is doing at St. D's. You can reach Pat on pat@stdionis.org.uk


Hannah is looking after admin and operations within the St D's office, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. She's married to Jeremy and they are expecting their first child in July! You can reach Hannah on hannah@stdionis.org.uk


Macy is our children and youth intern (part time). She comes from Kentucky and brings energy and expertise to our families' ministry. You can reach Macy on macy@stdionis.org.uk

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Cheryl Freeman

Su Gahan

Joe Thompson

Heather McCormick

Mike Wilmot

Roseanna Jaggard

Illtyd Lewis

Luke Walton

John Viney

Tom Blenkin

Rachael Colman

Simon Warner

Samantha DeHaan

Victoria Covington

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Many of our photos are taken by Jonathan Self, 2014; www.jonathanself.co.uk