International Justice Mission​ is a global organisation with a plan to eliminate the slave trade everywhere.​

IJM staff partner with local authorities to protect the poor from violence in 17 communities throughout the developing world in Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Guatemala and South Asia.
We, at St Dionis, specifically support the Dominican Republic office.

IJM investigators, lawyers and social workers intervene in individual cases of abuse in partnership with state and local authorities in the countries in which they work. They work together to rescue victims, restrain criminals from hurting others, and restore survivors to safety and strength. Working in partnership with government authorities is the best long-term strategy to ensure that the poor are protected from violence.

Please join with us to pray for the work of IJM, in the Dominican Republic and worldwide.

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IJM prayer update from the DR Field Office:

Earlier this year the IJM team in the Dominican Republic secured a 20-year sentence against a German citizen guilty of trafficking, physical and psychological abuse and sexual exploitation of two Haitian sisters. Recently, the aggressor appealed the sentence. The hearing for his appeal has been rescheduled twice already, delaying justice for the two survivors, and the next hearing is currently set for December. We urge you to pray that the hearing will not be suspended again and that the judge overseeing this appeal will uphold the previous sentence and rule with justice — serving as an example to other courts.

Please continue to pray for successful high-impact capacity building sessions with justice system officials that will continue throughout all of 2019. Pray that God may guide those facilitating, grant them wisdom and the ability to communicate effectively. Also, pray that participants in these sessions will embrace the teachings and make the very real issue of sex trafficking in the Dominican Republic their issue and continue to support/join IJM in the fight against this horrendous crime.

Pray for male survivors of sexual violence, sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in Latin America. Through the years, our teams and partners in the field have been supporting them with legal services and trauma therapy. We have seen that male survivors experience violence and show trauma in a different way, and this requires the creation of different plans to provide them with the critical tools they need to reach restoration. Often, there is extra pressure for survivors who are males as their sexuality and manhood is questioned when they are interviewed in the different stages of their legal process by officials who haven’t received critical training in trauma-informed care or by people close to them who don’t fully understand what they went through. Please pray that all male survivors who we serve will experience true breakthrough in their healing process as we continue to seek justice in their cases.

Praise God for...

Give thanks for a new chance to pursue justice for Yessica*, a survivor of sex trafficking in the Dominican Republic — our team secured a successful appeal in court for her case! Yessica was drugged, sexually abused and later sold for sex to other men for days by a neighbor and his friend. Since 2016, our team has walked with Yessica and her family, representing her in court and providing therapy. Last year the two suspect perpetrators were not held accountable when the case was dismissed after many roadblocks. But our team didn't take a no for an answer and submitted an appeal. This week the appeal was accepted, and a new trial will open. Praise God for this incredible open door and pray that the judge appointed to the trial will rule with justice.

In 2017, you prayed with us as we walked with six boys, ages 9 to 14, who were victims of sexual abuse and exploitation in the Dominican Republic. We praised together as our team secured a 10-year sentence - the maximum sentence by law in the Dominican Republic for this crime - against their aggressor. We celebrated later in 2018 that most of the survivors finished their therapy process. Now, we are asking you to continue praying for the legal side of this case. By local laws, their aggressor has two opportunities to appeal his sentence. Praise God that the first time he appealed the judge decided to uphold the sentence. Please continue praying as the second appeal happens, pray that once again the sentence would be upheld and justice would prevail.

Give thanks for Clayton and Ellen Kershaw (from the Los Angeles Dodgers), who, as part of their partnership with IJM, visited our Dominican Republic office to help bring an end to sex trafficking of children. They met with local government officials, local partners and survivors. They also used their platform in the US to shine a light on this issue and ESPN recently released a clip about their visit. Click on the link below to watch:

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