1. Local help with tasks in the community

The church is being flooded with requests to help elderly, isolated and vulnerable people during this time of crisis. So far we are supporting 30 people in our local community, but to continue doing so, we need your help.

Are you able to:

- Make regular phone calls to check in with someone? This can be done from out of London.

- Run errands, like shopping, picking up prescriptions or other small tasks that mean that person can stay home and stay safe?

You can do this by being paired with an individual who you will support on a weekly basis, or by just volunteering a few hours/days here and there on an ad hoc basis. It's helpful if you have a car but not at all essential. 

If you are able to help, drop Lauren an email on hello@stdionis.org.uk to discuss options and capacity!

3.Regenerate RISE

Regenerate Rise are putting together weekly provision boxes to support the elderly who have to isolate.

To help contact Mo:
07774 116 972

4. Crisis & other homelessness charities

Crisis are asking if, in principle, you would be interested in volunteering for an organisation working with homeless people in London. This might be Crisis, or another fantastic charity that we work with, so that together we can provide the best support for people who are homeless across our city. There is no commitment at this stage and we will be in touch with you with more details. 

Please only express your interest if you are not in an at-risk group identified by the current government guidelines.

Click here to express your interest

2.Hammersmith and Fulham Foodbank

During recent weeks, the food bank have been experiencing unprecedented demand for their services. The numbers of people who benefit from their food parcels has risen from an average of 250 people per week to over 200 people every day.

They have now moved their operational base to the National Hall at the Olympia Exhibition Centre. The space means that they are able to safely pack and deliver more than 150 food parcels each day, (with the capacity to pack up to 400 parcels per day as demand increases.)

Please watch the short video below that Hammersmith & Fulham Council have made about their Olympia operations:

Please, if you can, continue to donate: 
- long life and tinned items (especially corned beef, tinned vegetables (not sweetcorn) 
- long life milk
- long life juice 
- tinned fruit and tomatoes

Either via the supermarket collection baskets located in Sainsburys, Tesco and Waitrose stores or for larger donations please bring them via Gate G, Blythe Road, Olympia. 

Alternatively you can donate cash via their website –  or with the below link:


OR via


Contact: info@hammersmithfulham.foodbank.org.uk / 020 7731 3693