A two-part workshop with interviews and group discussion exploring healthy ways to express our God-given sexual desire.

Over the past few months St Dionis has been exploring the topic of God and sex. Tim has delivered several excellent sermons on the topic, Glynn Harrison hosted one of our toolkit evenings, and many of us have been reading Christopher West's book Fill These Hearts. Up until now the focus has been on a similar topic: what is the Christian story on sex, how does God view sex, and what are the implications of that for how we should think and talk about sex?

Off the back of these sessions, many of us have been having follow up discussions with each other about what we have learnt, what was helpful, and what we feel has been missing. In terms of 'what has been missing' a common theme that kept coming up, was that 'if we recognise and accept that sex and our sexual desires are God-given gifts, then how do we actually engage with this in a healthy way? Practically speaking, how do we embrace our sexual desires without over-indulging them, while avoiding the trap of trampling it down and denying it's existence?'.

In response, St. Dionis will be hosting a two-part workshop that begins to explore these questions. 

Part 1 will be small group discussions, lead by trusted members of our congregation where we begin to explore questions anonymously submitted by you.

Part 2 will be a gender split session where we dig further into themes that emerged from the first session, but discuss them from a uniquely male or female perspective. 

The idea is to create a safe space where we can be honest and vulnerable with our church family. We want to learn from each other and open up the conversation about something that is too often not spoken about in the church. Getting this right requires an open mind, a willingness to engage without judgement, and a heart directed towards Jesus. Let's bring some light into this conversation and ultimately aim to glorify God! 

Types of questions that we want to explore:

  • Is there a false expectation of sex and marriage that will leave us disappointed?
  • Is it even possible to go from 'zero to everything' after marriage? 
  • Is it healthy to keep the tap of our sexual desires completely turned off before marriage? 
  • My sexual history is tormented by guilt - should it be? How do I overcome that? 
  • Is masturbation okay and healthy? Or is it harmful and destructive? 
  • I'm in a long term relationship with my boyfriend/girlfriend whom I believe I am going to marry. How do we resist the temptation of our sexual desires without harming our relationship? 
  • Is there a 'too far' in marriage? 
  • Is there a 'too far' in a loving, committed relationship?
  • How do I fulfil my sexual desires outside of marriage? 
  • What are the practical steps I can take to manage my struggle with pornography. Who in the church can I turn to?