Your church. Your community. Connecting with God. Connecting with one another.

As Christians, we believe we are made to be in relationship with each other. A wry smile between wrung out mums. A toddler sharing the last of their Percy Pigs. A sister who's been through it before. A steady arm for Grandad.But churches can look threatening. Hostile. A hunk of judgemental brick. So we are renewing, rebuilding and inviting everyone into a new, approachable space. Somewhere to work, share, laugh. Meet people. Take classes. Deepen friendships. Somewhere that connects and contributes to our Parsons Green community. A living space. 

What is Living Space?

There is currently no other community centre in or around Parsons Green. The Living Space project intends to fix this. We will create more space within St Dionis (the church on Parsons Green) and welcome all members of the local community into the church. The improved facilities will help local associations and residents, and improve the life of those on Parsons Green and the surrounding area. We know there’s a clear need for it.

The Living Space project is led by the church with the help of a group of local businesses, schools and residents. Phase One of the work has already been completed. Our next phase will see improved facilities including a kitchen and beautiful new meeting spaces, plus a new entrance which faces the Green and tells Parsons Green that we are open! 

Our aim is to create more accessible space so people can meet with God and each other, learn, teach, develop new skills and enjoy a quiet oasis in our fast-paced city.

We are grateful for your support!

Join us for dinner and purchase a ticket below!


  • When will I know the exact location of where I am going to dinner?

Guests will be emailed exact location of the dinner 24 hours prior to the event.

  • Will I have to travel far to get to my host?

All dinners will be in the Parsons Green area.

  • I have allergies, is it a problem?

No, but please make sure you specify exactly what you are allergic to when booking your ticket online.

  • Will I know anyone at the dinner?

Most guests attending will be from within the St Dionis church community and some from the local community known to us. If you would like to be placed with someone known to you, please email

  • I want to host, how many people do I need to have at my table?

You need to be able to host a minimum of two people, and there is no maximum.

  • I want to host, will I get money to help towards buying the ingredients for the meal?

We are happy to cover up some of the cost, please email to discuss it further.

  • I want to host, do I have to cook a 3-course dinner?

You don’t have to cook a 3 -course meal. Keep it simple, just cook what you are comfortable with and what you feel others will enjoy!

  • Will alcohol be provided with dinner?

Providing alcohol is entirely at the discretion of the host. If having alcohol at a meal does not suit you please email us on and we will accommodate. 

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